In recent years, Bangladesh’s real estate market has undergone a remarkable transformation, poised at the intersection of an expanding economy, a burgeoning middle class, and a surge in demand for housing.

The sector’s evolution is not only driven by economic growth but also by innovative architectural strides, against the backdrop of land scarcity and escalating prices. We delve into the multifaceted dynamics shaping the real estate landscape in Bangladesh, highlighting the key factors fueling its growth while shedding light on the challenges that must be navigated for sustained success.

Bangladesh’s economy has experienced a steady and noteworthy growth trajectory over the past decade, resulting in improved living standards and an expansion of the middle class. As incomes rise and consumer preferences evolve, there is a notable shift towards property ownership and investment. This newfound economic progress has empowered more individuals and families to venture into the property market, thereby contributing to the heightened demand for housing.

Rising middle class working as the catalyst

The emergence of a swelling middle class has been a pivotal catalyst in reshaping the real estate market. With increased disposable income, aspirations for modern and comfortable living spaces have surged. This demographic’s preferences lean towards well-designed, amenity-rich properties that reflect their social and economic status.

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Building ICT Consultancy following drawings are provided:

1. Pathways design for ICT
2. ⁠Local Area Networks including Copper, Fibre and Wireless.
3. ⁠Security surveillance systems
4. ⁠Public address systems and sound systems
5. ⁠IP Telephone System/ intercom
6. ⁠IT TV Solution
7. ⁠Car parking solutions
8. ⁠Home Automation Solutions
9. ⁠Access Control System
10. ⁠Digital Display System

Electrical Consultancy following drawings are provided:

1.Electrical Legends
2.Electrical light /fixtures layout
3.Conduit Pipe layout
4.Cable tray layout where required
5.Power distribution with single line diagram
6.Circuit diagram from distribution board to fixture point.
7.Fire detection & protection plan layout
8.Building security/CCTV camera layout.
9.Dish line layout
10.Internet connection layout
11.Intercom connection layout.
12.Grounding /Earthing detail
13.Lightening Protection details.
14.Air-conditioners layout plan.
15.Emergency line diagram.